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Technology Park,Hutang Town, Wujin District,
Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province, China
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Lactose registration number: F20170000179Activated
Anhydrous lactose number:F20190000113
Starch lactose registration number: F20180001406
Microcrystalline cellulose lactose registration number: F20180001006


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     As a domestic leading enterprise in pharmaceutical lactose, Jiangsu Dawning pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. possesses the abundant technical force and economic potentiality by integrating research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and marketing together. Our mission is to provide high-quality pharmaceutical lactose for all over the world. The company is located in Wujin District of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province with beautiful scenery and advanced economy. We have two production bases called Hutang East China Science and Technology Park and Wujin High-tech Park, covering a total area of about 45 acre with purification workshop area of 4000 square meters and storage area of 3000 square meters.

     The core value of Jiangsu Dawning pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is ‘professional safety, win-win cooperation, exploration and innovation’. By combining European frontier production technology and domestic production experience, we have developed a variety of products including lactose for direct compression (agglomerated, spray-dried, anhydrous), milled lactose for granulation, sieved lactose for powder preparations, and co-processed compound (lactose and starch, lactose and microcrystalline cellulose), etc. Among them, agglomerated lactose, spray-dried lactose, lactose co-processed compound, anhydrous lactose and other products have reached the same level as international majors. The annual output can reach 10000 tons. Depending on excellent product quality and technical capabilities, we provide service for hundreds of domestic famous brand pharmaceutical enterprises, such as Reckitt Benckiser-Golong Pharmacy, Eisai Co., Ltd., Sinopharm, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (HPGC), Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (NEPG), CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (CSPC), China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited (CR Pharma), Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Pharma), and Zhuhai United Laboratories Co., Ltd., winning the customers the consistent high praise and trust.

     Jiangsu Dawning pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. dedicates to R&D and technical innovation. The model of education, research and production has been established with Xiangya School of Pharmacy, Central South University and School of Pharmacy, Changzhou University. We own more than 40 patents, and have been awarded the honorary titles of High-tech Enterprise, Private Science and Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province, Small and medium-sized Science and technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province, Special New Little Giant of Jiangsu Province, Changzhou Engineering technology Research Center, Top Ten Industrial Tax Payers of Hutang Town and so forth. Our products comply with the requirements of various countries pharmacopoeia such as CP, BP, USP, JP, and EP. It's worth noting that our products are rated as High-tech products of Jiangsu Province, star products in Chinese pharmaceutical industry, and Changzhou manufacturing innovative products.