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Lactose registration number: F20170000179Activated
Anhydrous lactose number:F20190000113
Starch lactose registration number: F20180001406
Microcrystalline cellulose lactose registration number: F20180001006


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Professional security

Combining foreign advanced technology and domestic production experience, we have built an excellent professional research and development, production and management team to manufacture the safest medical lactose.

Win-win cooperation

We understand each other through respect, support each other through trust, reach consensus through communication, achieve win-win results through mutual benefit and achieve each other through mutual assistance.

Explore innovative

We will continue to develop new products, increase research and development and technological innovation, and make unremitting efforts for more outstanding pharmaceutical lactose.Since its inception, Dawning pharmaceutical has been continuously optimizing the production technology of lactose and gradually strengthening its production capacity, providing high-quality pharmaceutical lactose for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises,Meanwhile, Dawning pharmaceutical industry does not forget its own learning and construction.

Dawning pharmaceutical knows that good management of a company requires self-improvement and self-improvement before it can correct itself.We set up a perfect training mechanism, advocate learning at any time, and continue to study ourselves, Keep improving yourself and let every employee grow in Dawning.

There is faith in words, words must be done, and things must be fruitful.

The enterprise must achieve "There is faith in words, words must be done, and things must be fruitful", in order to have a wider world.Dawning pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is based on the long-term, always strict requirements of self, in any small field will be dedicated, refined, excellent, the best quality products to customers!